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HazMat Team

In 1992 Oneida County established a Level B Hazardous Material Response Team (HazMat Team).  The team consists of fire personnel from the Rhinelander Fire Department and local volunteer Fire Departments.

The Oneida County HazMat Response Team is equipped and trained to respond to the types of chemicals stored and used by industry within Oneida County.  A Planning Facility stores or uses extremely hazardous materials, an individual emergency response plan has been developed for each of these facilities.  A Reporting Facility stores or uses a hazardous material in a quantity at/or above a designated threshold.

Oneida County and the Wausau Fire Department work together as a State Type II HazMat Team. Counties of Forest, Langlade, Lincoln and Vilas contract with Oneida County for HazMat Services.

HazMat Team Configuration

HazMat Team

Grant Funding

The Oneida County Hazardous Materials Team receives grant funding through the State Department of Emergency Management.  This grant allows the HazMat Team to purchase equipment that is used to contain chemical spills.  The maximum grant amount is $10,000.00. 

Grant NameAmount
HazMat Equipment/Computer Equipment Grant$10,000.00
Total grant amount $10,000.00

Other funding sources are received from contracted counties, responsible party reimbursement and the State of Wisconsin DNR reimbursement fund.  Oneida County had contracts with Forest and Vilas Counties for HazMat services in 2004.

Contracted Counties

Forest, Vilas, Lincoln and Langlade Counties contract with Oneida County to provide HazMat response services. Each contracted County is require to pay an annual fee of $5,000 or an equipment donation of $5,000.