ATV – UTV Trails

Oneida County’s ATV trails are located in the southwestern part of the county. The Lynne/Little Rice Lake ATV trail system offers plenty of stops along the way, making it a great destination for group and family rides.  The Enterprise ATV trail system includes a campground and picnic shelter.

In addition to these two trails, there are approximately 200 miles of woodland trails that are open to all motorized vehicles year-round. During the winter, ATVs are not permitted on trails maintained for skiing and/or snowmobiling.

All County Forest ATV gates have been retrofitted to allow UTVs up to 65 inches wide.

Little Rice ATV Trail

The Lynne/Little Rice ATV Trail system is located in southwestern Oneida County. This trail system consists of 16 miles of woods trail, 23 miles of connecting ATV road routes and 76 miles of town roads open to ATV use.

Enterprise ATV Trail

The Enterprise ATV Trail consists of 10 miles of trail (16 miles round trip) located entirely on Oneida County Forest. The trail links up with Langlade County trails to the south and Lincoln County trails to the west. The Enterprise campground and a picnic shelter with restrooms & water is located in the central part of the trail system.