Hunting is permitted except in areas designated for high public use; parks, picnic areas and the County Forest Building complex.

Firearms, bows, and crossbows used for the purpose of participating in a State hunting season with a valid State hunting license are authorized at boat landings and public access areas, special use areas, and ski trail facilities, and other County forest lands.

Deer Hunting

During the deer rifle hunting season, camping will be allowed in the County forest from the Thursday prior to the opening weekend until the Sunday following Thanksgiving Day.  Campers must pre-register with the Department’s office in the Oneida County Courthouse.

Portable hunting stands must be labeled with owner’s name/contact information and must be removed at the end of the hunting season.

Portable ground blinds must be removed at the end of each day’s hunt. Constructed ground blinds must be removed no later than one week after the closing date of last deer season

The cutting of trees, seedlings or saplings to create shooting lanes is prohibited.

No permanent structure is permitted.
NO nails, screws, or other damaging devices shall be attached to trees

Grouse Hunting

Grouse habitat maps, updated in September 2017 by the Forestry office,  show tag alder swamps & young aspen stands.