Compost Products

It’s amazing what we throw away. With a little ingenuity many things we throw away in everyday life can be used again. Due to the exceptional response to last year’s sales, management has agreed to hold 2017 prices for 2018. 


2018 Bark Fiber Cake Topsoil Rates

Our Bark Fiber Cake Topsoil is a very good multi-purpose soil, consisting of decomposed bark, fiber cake and sand. Whether you are planting a vegetable garden, flower garden, or grass, this product is sure to please. Call for delivery today.

YardsPrice per yard deliveredPrice per yard picked up
1 – 4No Delivery Available$15.00 for all amounts
5 – 9$20.00
10 – 14$19.00

All delivered within a 15 mile radius. 
Additional $2 per mile after that.

Try our Bark Fiber Cake compost in your flower bed or garden. Check out the results below!

Flowers planted 6-21-2013
Flowers on 7-9-2013