Meeting: County Board – Click here to view resolutions

Meeting Date/Time: February 21, 2023 9:30 am
Committee(s): County Board
Location County Board Meeting Room
2nd Floor Oneida County Courthouse
Zoom Call-in or Video Option - 1-312-626-6799
Meeting ID: 847 9442 3051 Password: 715665
** If you are having difficulties with zoom please call the County Clerk’s Office at 715-369-6125
Zoom is being offered as a convenience for this meeting.
If zoom functionality drops the meeting will continue in-person at the location listed above.
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Additional Information:

Res # 15-2023 Convey lands to Johnson and Pine Lake
Res # 16-2023 Convey lands to Skyline Real Estate Services, LLC
Res # 17-2023 Convey lands to Probst and Cassian
Res # 18-2023 Aid for the Rhinelander Oneida County Airport
Res # 19-2023 Adopt the All Hazards Mitigation Plan
Res # 20-2023 Planning and Zoning Fee Schedule
Res # 21-2023 Move 50 percent ROD Deputy I to Land Information Office
Res # 22-2023 Award amended comp packet to new employee
Res # 23-2023 Correct Foreperson position on restructure of wages
Res # 24-2023 CLFRF Funds for Social Services Office Remodel
Res # 25-2023 Object to state removing future taxable land